All completed 50 Hour Slam films from this year’s competition are available now for viewing online.

Who We Are

The 50 Hour Slam is an annual film competition and festival open to all filmmakers in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area. The festival is designed as a way to encourage new and emerging independent artists as well as to challenge the more established filmmakers of the region. The filmmakers will have exactly 50 hours to complete a 3 to 6 minute movie; starting from the writing and development process all the way to the final editing stage. The competitors will be encouraged to experiment and push their talents to create a unique and entertaining piece for their entry.

2024 Viral Vote is in!

Well Slammers, the Viral Vote has closed, over 800 votes were cast, and the results are in.
The winner of the 2024 “Slammy” Viral Vote Award is:
Millenialennium” by The Millenium Group!
And our runner up: “Progressive Rock” by Team!
Congratulations to these Slam teams and to all the Slammers who competed this year. Thank you all for a fantastic Slam season. We cannot wait to see you all again next year! We’ve got even more exciting things ahead for the 50 Hour Slam. Keep on Slammin’!

2024 Judges

Judging and scoring of all the Slam films can be tedious, meet the amazing people behind this monumental task.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the endless supply of short films from previous years competition entries.

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