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Designer Biography for Gianna Reynolds of Kuriio

For the 2017 Slam, local fashion designer Gianna Reynolds teamed up with us to create pieces based on the element air. Learn about Gianna and her approach to this design challenge in her video.

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Designer Biography for Angelena Campobasso of Creative Native

Creative Native’s founder, Angelena Campobasso, discusses how she approaches her design challenge, the element fire, as one of the criteria for 2017’s 50 Hour Slam in this video.

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Designer Biography for Ethan Rollins of Local Knits

Ride or Die, Ethan Rollins of Local Knits makes casual slope side wear for the boutique border. Learn about Ethan’s fashion design for the 2017 50 Hour Slam and more.

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Designer Biography for Ronnie Ryno of Glamarita

Ronnie Ryno, one of the 4 local fashion designers tapped by the 50 Hour Slam for 2017, talks about her background and how she decided to approach our fashion assignment “Earth.”

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