100% Team Participation for 2017 Slam

SLAM 2017 has been nothing but exciting and thrilling. In 7 years, we have never had all the teams that sign up at the Kick Off weekend finish a movie. This year there were 41 teams. 39 made it in on Sunday night and 2 Monday morning. The goal of the SLAM has always been to promote and challenge professional, students and novice who have a passion for the craft of digital story telling in a friendly competitive arena. To try to teach and reinforce the idea that though what we do is an art form it is also still a business with standards and practices that should be followed. We as organizers hold all that participate to those standards no matter of age or experience in hopes that you learn and grow from those lovely 50 hours. 

As we gathered to view all 41 movies last night we as organization decided that we need to hold ourselves to those same standards and practice. We made a few errors this year; The Red Card Incident and Ticking Clock Debacle which sadly neither was an alcohol induced mistake. Therefore we have agreed ever film turned in on Sunday will get a chance to be judged by the judges.

But… there is always a but with the SLAM. There was still some errors with paperwork and credits. Those team leaders will be called today. If the problem is not rectified by Friday 12 noon you will join the 2 movies from Monday in the viral vote only.
Otherwise spread the word May 6 Audience Screening at the Bing Crosby Theater and get your tickets now!

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