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Designer Biography for Gianna Reynolds of Kuriio

April 8, 2017

Gianna Reynolds

Owner of @ Kuriio

The name is a combination of the words “kawaii” – “cute” in Japanese – and “curiosity”. Kuriio clothing is made for the city faeries, for tea-party goers, for night-lurkers, maybe its made for you.
Kuriio clothing is meant to degrade and be mended, it doesn’t matter if it gets a tear or a stain, sew it or patch it if you like, its meant to change and grow with the wearer. The clothing isn’t meant to be perfect, it is made like a puzzle with reclaimed materials, pieces lost and forgotten, treasures from the city. Kuriio clothing is created by one girl and one sewing machine.” – Gianna Reynolds

Gianna Morrill is a graphic and fashion designer. Born and raised in Spokane, she graduated from the SFCC graphic design program. Gianna started sewing when she was 16, and has never received any formal training. She is the artist behind Kuriio. Her work with Kuriio has been published in local magazines and seen at local events and runway shows.


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