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Top 15 Films Announced for the 2017 Audience Screening!

April 28, 2017

We have the results! Our 7 Judges have reviewed each of the films that were turned in this year and we have our 15 films for the Audience Screening on May 6th at the Bing Crosby Theater.

If your film did not make it to the screening, do not fret! You are automatically entered into the viral vote. Also, all films are eligible for the awards picked by the organizers, which will be announced during the awards ceremony after the screening. So we still may need you up on stage to make your acceptance speech.

Without further ado, the Top 15 films to screen at the May 6th 50 Hour Slam 7th Annual Audience Screening:

Division Digital – Lincoln the Revenge
Red Team Rebels – Bad Penny
Over Coffee Films – The Bad Penny
Marquee Kelly – Heart2Heart
Mr E’s Kartoon Kitchen – The Gonzo District
First Pick Misfits – Tiny Armor
The Zoowee Mamas – Poppa
Two Caffeinenated Productions – Not so Fair Wind
Drinky Birds – Solidarity
Only Slightly Damaged – Bianca and the Mirror
Make Out With Us – Wayfarers
JJH Productions – The Flight of Ronny Rhino
Sheev Loves Democracy – Niccolum 28
The Squeekquel – Styx
Team 2 – Circus Rescue

Now who will win the Twitter Competition for the final 16th spot in the Show?

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