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Top 15 Films Announced for the 2018 Audience Screening

April 29, 2018

The results are in! Our 7 Judges have reviewed each of the films that were turned in this year and we have our 15 films for the 8th Annual Audience Screening on May 4th at the Bing Crosby Theater.

Reminder, if your film did not make it to the screening, do not worry! You are automatically entered into the viral vote. Also, all films are eligible for the awards picked by the organizers, which will be announced during the awards ceremony after the screening. So get your acceptance speech ready 🙂

Finally, we are saving that 16th spot for that special film that won the best tweet, and you can find out who won at the screening May 4th.

Get your tickets!

Here are the top 15 films!

Noesis – by team “Schnooby Nooblers”
Shopping Cart Shaman – by team “Spokane Event Photography”
Brush Strokes – by team “S.K.W.A.D.”
Wifebot – by team “Abbi Rose”
Soft Reflections – by team “Ty Quin Der Sean Andlo”
Breeder – by team “11% Gold Animated”
Looney Balooney – by team “DAB Acting”
Not a Phase – by team “Eagle Eye Productions”
All That Can Grow – by team “Amigos Amigos Amigos”
Fruit Therapy – by team “I know Kung Fu”
Exponential – by team “Counting Coup Media”
Budding Love – by team “Lighting Shock”
Alone – by team “Trausered Apes Media”
Update in Progress – by team “Noir Bizarre”
Who Died and Made You Dead – by team “Zoo Wee Mamas”


Friends of the Bing
Kinetic Energy Productions
Purple Crayon Pictures
Spokesman Review
Vexing Media


Pizza Rita
The Bartlett
Bellwether Brewing
Central Food
Davenport Hotels
Final Draft
Spokane Comedy Club
Standard Printworks
Spokane International Film Festival
Spokane Public Library
Trophies Unlimited