What is the 50 Hour Slam?

The 50 Hour Slam is an annual film competition and festival open to all filmmakers in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area.  It’s creators and organizers- Vexing Media, Purple Crayon Pictures, Kinetic Energy Productions, and Adam Boyd – designed the festival as a way to encourage new and emerging independent artists as well as to challenge the more established filmmakers of the region. The filmmakers will have exactly 50 hours to complete a 3 to 6 minute movie; starting from the writing and development process all the way to the final editing stage. The competitors will be encouraged to experiment and push their talents to create a unique and entertaining piece for their entry.

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Meet the Organizers

Juan Mas


Juan A Mas has been entrenched in the indie film world for over 25 years. He is very proud and loves to share stories of his humble beginnings on Roger Corman Studios in Venice Beach California. Coming up the ranks the old fashion way has helped him become a seasoned producer and director of television, film and theater with budgets ranging from $2000 to $20 million. He has had the opportunity to work abroad and produce in Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, for Warner International and Hallmark as well as over the United States.

Adam Boyd


An alumnus of Eastern Washington University’s Film Program, Boyd has spent the last seven years working in the feature film and commercial industry as a producer and assistant director both locally within the state of Washington, and all around the country. He also serves as a programmer and board member for the Spokane International Film Festival, as well as the chair of the Spokane Arts Commission, and is currently an Assistant Professor at EWU, teaching film production and screenwriting.

Adam Harum

AdamHarumThough a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University’s Film Program, Adam Harum has been a filmmaker since the age of nine. Harum currently works freelance, but splits his time between visual effects work for Seattle based Web Series’, editing commercials and a feature length Haiti documentary for Spirit Lake Pictures, and pursuing his own passions through his award winning Web Series “Transolar Galactica”. He also rarely ever sleeps.

Tom Dineen


Video, I grew up watching more TV and film than is probably healthy. In these 3 and a half decades of video worshiping, I watched as the analogue medium transformed to a digital world, where BETA tapes were overcome by VHS, Which surrendered it’s throne to Laser Disc, whom was subjugated by DVD and now, we have High Definition Blu-ray and online streaming to rule them all. I have made it my passion to work with our clients and with local film events (A few that I am a partner in) to provide the best quality audio and video presentation to their viewers.

Brandon Smith


Web developer by day, web developer by night, Brandon builds exciting websites for the masses. He is currently part owner of a website and graphic design company called Vexing Media. Along with his partners Airam Gessner and Tom Dineen, they provide a variety of services including DVD and BluRay authoring, graphic and website design, and brand management.


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