2012 Slam Festival

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2012 Festival Criteria
Festival Entries


Septi Award Winner – “The Axe Man” by Kondra and the Snail

Hip Clip & Slammy Award Winner – “The Birthday” by Relentlessly Awesome

Runner Ups

Slammy Award Runner Up – “demur‘ by Eclectic Minds

Hip Clip Runner Up – “Not a Cartoon Moose” by Stress Monkey Productions


2012 Festival Criteria

Each film submission must include the three criteria assigned to them.

Thematic Element

Poem 1 – “The River” by Jonathan Potter

Poem 2 – “Baby Peas” by Kurt Olson

Poem 3 – “So help me, Mother Goose” by Kristina McDonald

Poem 4 – “R.J.” by Mark Anderson

Historic Component

You will choose one of 10 historic buildings or structures on the Spokane Historic Register within the downtown area that must appear in your film.

Location Map

Visual Element

The number 50 must appear somewhere in your film visually. The number must be, or appear to be, practical (exist in the “story world” of your film). The number must also appear numerically (50).

2012 Festival Entries

Not a Cartoon Moose

River Ghosts

Rose And The River

It's A Beer

The Birthday

Message Sent



The Axe Man

What A Great Day


Tell Mama

Write Your Own Ending

Escape Situation


Except Me

Ten to One

The Trembling Way

Hunger Gamez

Beyond Good, Beyond Evil


Tales From The Creepy Side