2016 Slam Festival

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2016 Festival Criteria
Festival Entries


Septi Award Winner – “Volé” By Team Goikes

Hip Clip Award Winner – “Volé” By Team Goikes

Slammy Award Winner –   “Dance Fight Club” by Aaron Burr, Sir

Spirit Award – “Savant Garde” by Spudlich Ingorperated

Best Actress – Autumn Plucker in “Intercepted” by The Intelli-Gents

Best Actor – Jhon Goodwin in “Volé” By Team Goikes

Best Editorial – Hannah Sander for “Volé

Best Cinematography – Michael Notar for “Dance Fight Club

Best Story – “Casual Friday Or The Untenable Fortification Of The Social Contract” by Drinky Bird

Best of Show Photography –  Trina Butler

Best Tweet – “Cam Fusion” by Thundering Kitten

Runner Ups

Septi Award Runner Up – “Dance Fight Club” by Aaron Burr, Sir 

Hip Clip Runner Up – “Picadailly” by Picadilly

Slammy Runner Up – “Volé” By Team Goikes


2016 Festival Criteria


At some point in each film, the following line of dialogue must be spoken:

“Have you ever been to a farm? … It’s not for everyone.”


This year’s location element incorporates several iconic landmarks within a selection of Spokane’s historic neighborhood districts.


Each team received a card with a number on it (1, 2, 3, or 4). The number corresponds with one of four landmarks within four different neighborhood districts. (See landmark map above for details)

The landmark that corresponds with each teams number must appear in their film. How they choose to feature it is up to them, but the physical exterior of the landmark/location must be visually present in their film to count.

PLEASE NOTE: If a team was assigned the Hillyard District Mural Landmark, they must also credit the mural artist in their end credits as:

Featured Mural By

Tom Quinn, 1996


Each film must incorporate one of three provided themes and were judged by how well the theme is worked into it. The theme for this year’s competition is a style of dance, as explored by local choreographers.

Each choreographer is featured in the following videos where they discuss their chosen style of dance performance (Modern, Belly-dance, or Ballet).

Each film must incorporate their randomly assigned style of dance into its theme. How they interpret the style of dance AND the choreographer’s approach to expressing it and weave it into their film is entirely up to them, with their score from the judges being based on how creatively they incorporate the dance style and choreography process into the overall theme of each film.

Belly Dance

Modern Dance


2016 Festival Entries

Dance Fight Club


Cam Fusion

Belly Time

The GM Experiment

Two Men at Dusk




Belly Dance Tribe


The Pizza Rita-nant

For Love Or Money

Casual Friday

Wizards: The Magical Truth


Meeting No One

Best Laid Plans

A Good Girl

The Ballerino

The Things We Do

To Be Determined

Dueling Chorus

Modern Karma


Savant Garde

Spin Cycle

Mixed Up


Dog Treat