2017 Slam Festival

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2017 Festival Criteria
Festival Entries


Septi Award Winner – “Styx” by The Squeekquel

Hip Clip Award Winner – “Circus Rescue” by Team 2

Slammy Award Winner –  “The Legacy” by Abbi Rose Productions

Spirit Award – “Angel and the Bear” by Eagle Omlet

Best Actress – Sarah Junette Dahmen “Tiny Armor”

Best Actor – Mason Beals “Practically Broadway”

Best Editorial – Joseph Dellwo “Bad Penny“

Best Cinematography – Matt Vielle “Tiny Armor”

Best Story – “Solidarity” by Drinky Birds

Best Tweet – “Practically Broadway” by Divine Walrus

Runner Ups

Septi Award Runner Up –   “Tiny Armor” by First Pick Misfits

Hip Clip Runner Up – 

Slammy Runner Up – 

2017 Festival Criteria



The traditional gift for a seventh anniversary is copper. So for the Slam’s seventh anniversary, each film must visually feature a penny as a prop.

Location –

This year’s location element incorporates a Spokane landmark that each film must visually include. They identified this landmark by embarking on a provided “Quest”.

Each team received a card with a colored number on it (Red or Blue). The color corresponds with one of two “Quests” a team must embark upon in order to identify the landmark. 


Red Quest (Download as PDF)


Blue Quest (Download as PDF)


Each film must incorporate the provided theme and was judged by how well the theme was worked into it. The theme for this year’s competition is fashion design, as explored by local fashion designers.

Each team received a card at random with a number on it. (1, 2, 3, or 4). The number on the card corresponded to one of four different themed fashion designs explained and explored by Spokane fashion designers. Each designer is featured in a video where they discuss their selected theme and design (Earth, Water, Fire or Air). The videos can be viewed below.

The films must incorporate their assigned fashion design into its theme. How they interpreted the fashion design, the theme behind it, AND the designer’s approach to expressing it and weaved it into their film is entirely up to them, but remember: each film’s score from the judges was based on how creatively they incorporated the design and the designer’s process/philosophy into the overall theme of their film.


Number 1 – Earth – Ronnie Ryno

Number 2 – Water – Ethan Rollins

Number 3 – Air – Gianna Reynolds

Number 4 – Fire – Angelena Campobasso

2017 Festival Entries



Angel and the Bear

Bad Penny

Bianca and the Mirror

Circus Rescue

Crimes of Fashion



Lincoln the Revenge

Mind Reading


Niccolum 28


Not So Fair Wind


Pawject Runway

Penny Travelers

Pizza Dreams

Pop Po Land


Pratically Broadway

Presentation is Everything

Prevetion Lost


Skye's Limit


Spare Change


Tender Loving


That Egg Is Wack

The Bad Penny

The Flight of Ronny Rhino

The Gonzo District

The Legacy

The Red Quest

The River

The Stand Off

Tiny Armor