Secret Criteria

All films that are turned in within the 50 Hour time period and meet all the requirements will be scored by our panel of Judges.

Secret Criteria #1

A Line of Dialogue

The following line of dialogue must be spoken in your film:

"Hey, don't stick your finger in there."

Secret Criteria #2

Location - A Riverfront Park Landmark

  • This year’s location element incorporates new or renovated landmarks within Riverfront Park
  • You and your team should have received a card with a number on it. (1, 2, or 3) The number on your card corresponds with one of three different landmarks in Riverfront Park.
  • Your team must visually feature the landmark that corresponds with your number somewhere in your film. You may feature your landmark in any way you choose, but it must visually appear somewhere in your film.


Spokane Pavillion

Spokane Pavilion

Ice Age Floods Playground

Ice Age Floods Playground

The Seeking Place

"The Seeking Place"
Art Installation by Sarah Thompson Moore

You must include the following acknowledgement in your end credits that corresponds with your assigned landmark:

Featuring the Spokane Pavilion in Riverfront Park

Featuring the Ice Age Floods Playground in Riverfront Park

Featuring "The Seeking Place" Art Installation by Sarah Thompson Moore

Secret Criteria #3

Theme Element

  • Your film must incorporate the provided theme and your entry will be judged by how well the theme is worked into it.
  • The theme for this year’s competition centers on FILM PROFESSIONALS and their individual technical and artistic trades that bring films to life.
  • You and your team should have received a colored card. (Red, Green, or Blue). The color of your card corresponds to one of three different film professionals who work in the industry here in the Inland Northwest.
  • Each film professional is featured in a short video where they discuss their role/craft in the world of filmmaking.

Your film entry must incorporate your assigned film professional and their trade into its theme.

How you thematically interpret the film professional and their craft and weave it into your film is entirely up to you but remember: your score from the judges will be based on how creatively you incorporate the film professional and their trade/philosophy into the overall theme of your film.

You must credit your assigned film professional at the end of your film in the following manner, for your film to qualify:

Inspired by the work of

Remember, the judges will be looking at how well your film has thematically used your assigned film professional.




Don't Forget

Your film’s end credits must also include these credits in order to qualify.

This film was made as an entry for:


(This logo can be found on your team’s thumb drive)

Special Thanks to:
The City of Spokane
Spokane Parks and Recreation