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Secret Criteria

2019 Festival Criteria


This year the Slam is reflecting on something that has always been a centerpiece of the Slam: Human Connection. And so to help symbolize that connection, your film must visually feature a moment where two people touch hands. A handshake, a high five, a fist bump, etc. The way the two hands come together is up to you, but the judges will score you on how creatively you weave the moment into your film.

Location –

This year’s location element incorporates the newly renovated North Monroe Corridor, an avenue of connection for travel across our city and for established and newly founded businesses in Spokane.

You and your team should have received a card with a number on it. (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). The number on your card corresponds to one of five different businesses on the North Monroe Corridor. Your team must visually feature the North Monroe business that corresponds with your number. You may feature the business in any way you choose, but it must visually appear somewhere in your film. (And you must sign up for a shooting time for that location at the Kick-Off Event)

NOTE: No location agreement will be required for the North Monroe Businesses, however, YOU MUST have the following in your film’s credits or your film will be disqualified:



Your film must incorporate the provided theme and your entry will be judged by how well the theme is worked into it. The theme for this year’s competition centers on works of art created by local visual artists that were inspired by the idea of “human connection”.

You and your team should have received a colored card. (Red, Green, or Blue). The color of your card corresponds to one of three different ceramic art pieces created and explored by local Spokane ceramic artists. Each work of art is featured in a video where they discuss their artistic process and their individual art piece. The videos can be viewed below.

Your film entry must incorporate your assigned ceramic art piece into its theme. How you interpret the art AND the artist’s approach to creating it and weave it into your film is entirely up to you, but remember: your score from the judges will be based on how creatively you incorporate the artwork and the artist’s process/philosophy into the overall theme of your film.

You must credit your assigned artist at the end of your film in the following manner, or your film will be disqualified:

Inspired by the artwork of
(Artist’s Name)

The artist’s names can be found on their corresponding videos below.

*** Don’t Forget! Your film must also include a Special Thank You to the City of Spokane and Spokane Parks & Recreation ***


BLUE – Mark Moore

GREEN – Gina Freuen

RED – Chris Kelsey


Friends of the Bing
Kinetic Energy Productions
Purple Crayon Pictures
Spokesman Review
Vexing Media


Pizza Rita
The Bartlett
Bellwether Brewing
Central Food
Davenport Hotels
Final Draft
Spokane Comedy Club
Standard Printworks
Spokane International Film Festival
Spokane Public Library
Trophies Unlimited