Soft Reflections

By Team

Ty Quin Der Sean Andlo




Spokane Ice Skating Ribbon – Riverfront Park


Each film must incorporate a provided theme and thier entry was judged by how well the theme was worked into it. The theme for this year’s competition centers on works of art created by local visual artists that were inspired by the idea of “growth”.

Each team received a card with a number on it. (1, 2, or 3). The number on thier card corresponds to one of three different visual art pieces created and explored by local Spokane visual artists. Each work of art is featured in a video where they discuss their artistic process and their individual art piece. The videos can be viewed below.

The films entered must incorporate their assigned art piece into its theme. How they interpret the art and the artist’s approach to creating it and weave it into thier film is entirely up to them, but the score from the judges will be based on how creatively they incorporated the artwork and the artist’s process/philosophy into the overall theme of the film.

Number 2 – Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

Easter Egg

A character in your film must milk a cow

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