Secret Criteria

All films that are turned in within the 50 Hour time period and meet all the requirements will be scored by our panel of Judges.

Secret Criteria #1

A Featured Prop

Your film must visually display the following prop in some manner:

A Ribbon


Secret Criteria #2

Location - The Spokane river

  • This year's location element centers on the Spokane River.
  • Your film must visibly feature the Spokane River within your film. You can feature any portion of the river, and in any manner you choose, as long as a river is visibly identifiable in your movie.
  • Once again,  you will be scored by the judges on how well you incorporate this location requirement into your film.



Secret Criteria #3

Theme Element

  • Your film must incorporate the provided theme and your entry will be judged by how well the theme is worked into it.
  • The theme for this year's competition centers on words and stories about the Spokane River from local American Indian individuals of the Spokane Tribe of Indians.
  • You and your team should have received a numbered card. (1, 2, or 3). The number on your card corresponds to one of three different videos featuring individuals of the Spokane Tribe of Indians sharing their words and stories about the Spokane River.
  • Each of these videos can be viewed below.

Your film entry must incorporate the words, stories, and/or subject matter from your assigned video into its theme.

How you thematically interpret the words from the subject of your assigned interview video and weave it into your own film is entirely up to you but remember: your score from the judges will be based on how creatively you incorporate the words, stories, and/or subject matter of your assigned video into the overall theme of your film.

You must credit your assigned interview subject(s) at the end of your film in the following manner, for your film to qualify:

Inspired by the words of


The names of the interview subjects can be found in their corresponding videos below.

Remember, the judges will be looking at how well your film has taken thematic inspiration from the words & ideas within your assigned video.


Within the videos you are assigned, you will hear words and stories from individuals with a specific cultural background. We ask you to listen closely to what is being said.

Their words will explore a variety of themes like: Tradition, Heritage, The Environment, Displacement, Progress, Language, The Future, etc.

These words and themes are meant to inspire and influence the story for your own film.

But the story for your film is YOUR story. Please be sure to tell YOUR story in YOUR OWN voice.

The individuals in your assigned videos and the stories they share with you are simply the seeds for your film's story. It is through your own words and ideas that they will grow into something great.

Video #1: Šitétkw Peone & Jeff Ferguson

Video #2: Šitétkw Peone

Video #3: Jeff Ferguson

Don't Forget

Your film's end credits must also include these credits in order to qualify.

This film was made as an entry for:


(This logo can be found on your team's thumb drive)

Special Thanks to:
The City of Spokane
Spokane Parks and Recreation

Let's Quickly Recap

  • City Notification Form - Filed by midnight tonight (Form & Example on your thumb drive and on our website) and printed and turned in w/ your film
  • Three Secret Criteria

- Your film must include a RIBBON as a prop in some way

- Your film must visually feature The Spokane River in some manner

- Your film must incorporate your assigned film interview subject's words about the river thematically in some way, and credit the subject(s) appropriately. (#1, #2, or #3)

  • Instagram: One team, not in the Top 15, with the best Instagram post during the 50 hours will automatically be a screened finalist on June 8th (The Top 16!) - Tag @50HourSlam / #50HourSlam
  • Turn in your films on your provided drives along with all required paperwork on Sunday April 7th at ILF MEDIA (540 W Cataldo Ave)